Aircraft Manufacturers


Air Tractor produces about 100 planes a year, with an extensive product line that includes 400, 500, 630, and 800 gallon capacity planes powered by Pratt & Whitney piston or turbine engines. Whether utilized for spraying, seeding, fertilization, or firefighting work, operators choose Air Tractor because it is regarded as one of the most productive, highest quality, and cost effective ag planes on the market.

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Thrush Aircraft, Inc. is the world leader in providing aircraft for agricultural spray operations. Our exceptional line of airplanes helps operations of all sizes control insects, weeds, and diseases that threaten crops and orchards, and effectively fertilizing all types of crops. In addition, Thrush Aircraft are depended upon for fire control – dispersing fire retardant chemicals and water to save human and animal life, and preventing the loss of property and forestry.

Our operator members are dedicated to providing the very best aerial application service possible, with an equal commitment to be conscientious stewards of our fragile environment.